Saturday, 1 August 2009

Wool & The Gang

I got taught to knit at school and I was pretty proud of myself that I was in the top three knitters in the class (I was even more proud that my knitted recorder case had cable stitch up it and was rainbow coloured when everyone else's was just plain knit -as you can tell that was a big achievement and my life has been pretty empty since)

There is also a HUGE trend for do it yourself right now, so I am loving this 'Wool & The Gang' kit from Net-a-Porter that lets you knit stylish scarves from their DIY collection.

Yeh, I did love the idea until I found out it costs $150 on their website!!! From a pure design point of view the packaging is beautiful, but I'd sooner go to Oxfam and buy a jumper to unravel, then knit it together with two chopsticks.

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