Sunday, 4 December 2011


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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sazeli Jalal - Styling

I want paper eyebrows.

'Paper Gangsta' by Sazeli Jalal.

R J Shaughnessy - Photographer

I live in the middle of England, we don't get much sun, if you happen to find a girl with her boobs out on a car it is likely she has just stumbled out of Yates and there is no chance Josh Beech is gonna randomly rock up (apart from that time he DID-true story) so here is some escapism for the winter months from LA photographer R J Shaughnessy.

Cosmic Animated Gifs From Ignacio Torres

Texan photographer Ignacio Torres  now lives in New York city. His work explores youth, identity and scientific theories through the use of photography, animated gifs and video. His most recent work 'Stellar' is based around the idea that humans are made of cosmic matter as a result of a stars death.

These pictures are not digitally enhanced, instead Ignacio used dust and reflective confetti to create the impression of celestial galaxies.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Mile Supakasem, Rayson Tan & Surachai Saengsuwan for L'ile aux Ashby

Eeeeeeeeee, I've got some BIG love for the superstyling from Mile Supakasem in this fashion story for jewellery makers (L'ile aux Ashby). Featuring original designs by Rayson Tan, the photos are by Surachai Saengsuwan.

Table Beggar by Loose Fit - Music Video

I'm clearing out my drafts after being away for a while (yet again) and came across this beauty. A stunner of a music video by London-based director/animator Abbie Stephens (this is her first music video!! OMFGHERTALENTMAKESMESICKINMYMOUTHWITHRAGE) So you now it wasn't a walk in the park the making of is below.

Making of the video:

The Craft Off - Event

I haven't updated for ages because I have been a bit busy moving house and ting, but now have the perfect excuse to start again:

This Sunday the gorgeous people at Spinsters Emporium and MerriMaking are joining forces to host a fabulously fun and seriously creative night of competitive crafting. The Craft Off takes place from 7pm at The Malt Cross, Nottingham.

Expect live music, drinking, dancing and general frolocking in a jungle of decorations. As for the crafting, they are keeping the competition brief secret until the night. But the Jungle theme suggests rain forests, giant snakes, birds of paradise, tigers, man eating flowers, sunshine Gods, totem poles, Tarzan, monkeys and more.

All craft materials are provided and there are prizes up for grabs including:
Merrimaking hoods
Spinsters Emporium goodies
Home-baked cakes
Twisted Hearts Club tickets
More T.B.C

If you don't live in the Nottingham area, don't be sad! Check out Spinsters Emporium and MerriMaking websites for lots of gorgeous creative goodies and wonderfully unique Christmas gift ideas.

The event is £5 to working folk, £4 with student card!

Buy tickets here and here.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Ricardo Fumanal - Illustration

Ricardo Fumanal from Madrid, Spain has some obvious skills with a pencil. Taking inspiration from fashion magazines, he manages to re-create flawless skin, fabric and hair textures with the most subtle and controlled shading. The magazine covers are from a while ago, but he has recently updated his blog with more resplendent works and here they are.


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