Thursday, 4 August 2011

Kerry Howell - Jewelry Design

London based jewellery designer Kerry Howell created a series of 5 striking necklaces for her graduate collection, nothing strange about that apart from these necklaces are made from HUMAN HAIR.

Each piece looking like a delicate strip of lace, the jewelry takes its inspiration from Damask wallpaper patterns and was expertly cut and woven using broken saw blades, with each necklace taking upto 60 hours to produce.

Aptly named 'Attraction/Aversion', the collection is designed to explore how people can feel contrasting emotions simultaneously. Whilst on the body, we adore our hair and spend a lot of time and money looking after it, but once it leaves our head we're suddenly revolted. Kerry's aim was to see if she could make discarded hair attractive once more.

Just make sure you take it off before you get in the bath, because you'd have a job getting that out of the plug-hole.

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