Sunday, 17 July 2011

DKNG - Design

I always get worried when I am producing my own design work that I am doing it wrong, taking influences from the wrong sources or overcomplicating the process. So when I found these videos from Los Angeles based design studio DKNG (it makes me sick too, where is my Los Angeles based design studio?) I was so pleased that I was actually designing pretty normally and although everyone has different processes it is always interesting to see how others work.

DKNG focus on the music and entertainment industries so their body of work is pretty amazing, have a look!

Poster Process - The Black Keys from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.

Poster Process - Phish (Blossom Music Center) from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.

Poster Process - The Adam Carolla Show Live! from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.

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