Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Papervore Coffe Table Shredder - Product Design

You would think that writing this blog would help me keep an nice online record of everything I am inspired by, tucked away neatly online and accessible only via the click of a button.

But this sadly is not the way it works, instead, every time I see something remotely interesting; a flyer with an interesting print quality, a sandwich wrapper with a perfect colour green, a magazine tear out of a dress with amazing feather detail (the list goes on) I hoard it. This leads to a very messy studio, full of 'inspiration boxes' and piles of magazine several years old.

I have had some of this stuff for years and the emotional attachment is too much!! However the solution might lie here in papervore coffee table which combines a hand cranked paper shredder with a unique coffee table design. All, I need to do is convince myself that if it is still in the room (albeit in shredded form) then it isn't lost for ever and I can still absorb it's inspirational powers...hmmmm.

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