Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Models Wear Raw Meat, Dead Animals, Candle Wax & Insects Laced into Their Skin for Photographer Iwajla Klinke

I imagine 'Ritual Memories' the most recent series from Berlin-based photographer and filmmaker Iwajla Klinke will be much talked about as people try to decide on it's true artistic merit.

The subjects in the shoot wear raw meat, dead mice and ducks, hot dripping candle wax and even insects laced into their skin.

As someone who has a strong interest in styling and fashion, personally I love it on a purely aesthetic level. Particularly the first two images and the pear collar. It really inspires me to look more closely at the beauty in 'unbeautiful' things .

However the main theme of Klinke's work is that or cultural identity and the way certain groups adorn their bodies sacredly for religious and spiritual ceremonies.

The work will be on display at STYX Projects Berlin this upcoming month.

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