Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Innovative Tea Cup Designs

I don't usually drink tea. But these cool tea cups could convince me otherwise.

This design from Jonas Trampedach is really smart and helps with the problem of where to put your teabag when you're done with it. Bury it in his teabag coffin.

Angeline Tetrault's teacups reveal hibernating animals hidden in the bottom the more tea you drink. I like the idea of surprising your guests and giving them their own personal animal mug each time they pop round.

My favourite tea related concept probably comes from Bethan Laura Wood. Her series of cups called Stain are designed to improve with every use, as tea staining builds up a pattern on the treated inside of the cup. With the pattern getting stronger the more the cup is used.

Pablo Matteoda has created a novel way to steep your tea that looks really cool. Especially if you happen to be drinking rooboish in a glass cup.

This idea from designer 顏均曲 is a bit twee for me and I did wonder what the fishing rod actually was at first. However if you can avoind it stabbing you in the eye while you're drinking then it looks quite fun.

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  1. Jeannie Crawford6 January 2011 at 05:34

    I was very excited to purchase my owl tea cup...but was disappointed to discover a significant flaw in it's design...there is a gap between the mug and the owl so the liquid is trapped inside the lovely woodland creature - not very appealing as shaking it for the last 20 minutes still hasn't released all the liquid...but it is very very cute!



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