Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Stina Persson - Illustrator

Stina Persson is an illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden whose clients include Coca Cola, Absolut Vodka, Sony and DKNY.

I love how her use of colour and tone work uniquely to create quite a striking graphic feel, something which is softened gorgeously with the use of varied brush strokes.

She has also worked for some of my favourite magazines Vogue Nippon, Harper's Bazaar, Flaunt, Elle UK and Nylon amongst others.


  1. All through my art a-level my work was dedicated to Persson!! I ripped out various pages from Elle that she did, just so eye catchingly beautiful! Great Post! x

  2. http://beautywithanedge.deviantart.com/art/001-127101655?q=gallery:beautywithanedge/6795770&qo=28&offset=25#comments



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