Monday, 26 October 2009

James Reynolds - Last Suppers

I have been meaning to post this work by James Reynolds for aaaaages. Having recently graduated from Kingston University after studying graphic design, this series of photographs from the now London based James, entitled 'Last Suppers', documents former Death Row prisoner's requests for their last meal before execution. You can really see a sense of personality and humour in the work and I actually find it really kind of morbidly interesting to see what they picked. My favourite foods are sushi and sandwiches but I think if I was dying I might go for something more a bear .


  1. the haagen dazs all the way. Friends and I was recently talking about this series of work, it's fascinating to see the choices and i agree you can really imagine the personalities of the individual on what choice they made, especially the onion and the chewing gum one lol

  2. Zara!!! This is what I was trying to tell you guys about at Somerset House at LFW!!! But it sounded like I was crazy and just rambling on about death row prisoners and what they ate and seeing as I didn't know you guys too well I decided it best to shut up. Glad you like it. Hope you are doing good. I am still loving the blog!.xx



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