Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hello Boobs - Victoria Beckam For American Elle October 2009

Victoria Beckham's boobs make an appearance on the cover of October's issue of American Elle. I have also included her viral ad for her Victoria Beckham dresses. Not sure what make of it...yerrrr it's a'ight and all, I like that she kept it a bit mental (she is FASHION now yeh?) and didn't go really American with it, but it is kinda boring Becks -I think it might be her singing in the background too...


  1. hmmm not sure its something for the American audience... an ad like this is something that Europeans or mainly brits would get... the music was a bit her collection is alright... nothings too special or different that makes think oh wow! ...but thats her..i guess.. not sure... hmmmm?

  2. I know, feedback I have seen on most sites suggests that Americans do not get it at all...I think maybe she tried to be weird on purpose..who knows.x



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