Saturday, 5 September 2009

Billy Kidd V House Of Architects

When I saw these stunning images from Brooklyn-based photographer Billy Kidd's portfolio I fell in love, although it was more with the styling from Mitzi Mellvile and clashing make-up by Vanessa Perez than the actual photography.

The headpieces really are amazing! The texture of the blocks is so cool too and I still can't work out if it was applied post production or they really do look like that because something with the angles seems weird to me.

Anyway, then I realised how similar they were to some pictures I had seen a few weeks ago from milliners House of Architects (of whom I can find no information whatsoever -sorry)
So this is a bit of a going nowhere post, except to say: look at these wicked hats -they are well good -I want one.

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