Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Woofer -The New Twitter?

Everyone else seems to love Twitter a lot more than me. I just don't really see the point. Obviously the blog has a Twitter account which you can follow here, but apart from that I'm not obsessed like everyone else, I am more of a Facebook addict.

But it seems Twitter is now so big that people are parodying it with sites like Woofer. Woofer is exactly like Twitter in every way really (although they want you and your lawyers to know that it caries no affiliation whatsoever) apart from the fact that tweets (or woofs) must have 1,400 characters minimum. That is easier said than done. You can also type in anyone's username so you can update on behalf of whoever you want.

I think it's kinda pointless, but then I think that about Twitter so who knows...

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