Sunday, 23 August 2009

Photography - Neil Krug & Joni Harbeck

These 70's inspired photos are basically just the result of photographer Neil Krug and his supermodel girlfriend deciding to take some time to just hang around in the dessert, have fun and make PULP, a book of these washed out, sun scorched and grainy, 70’s stylized photos. They started posting the photos on their Flickr early this year and people have been loving them.

“I really never received this much feedback on my work before,” says Krug.

But I can see why they have proved so popular. As soon as I saw them and read what was going on, I felt so jealous I convinced myself I was going to pack up and go travelling again, meet some people along the way and take amazing photographs. Seeing as I have no money this might be hard, but you know you've seen a good photograph when it makes you spend half the day re-evaluating your life! (in the end I decided a bagel and a Frijj milkshake would sort me out)

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  1. Need to buy prints of these photos and the book! This is really fantastic artwork!



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