Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tweet #Dafur Today

The genocide in Darfur is a topic that -most people who know anything about it- feel really strongly about.

It is obvious that t
he lack of empathy and regard for human life is already so far beyond ridiculous and must be stopped.

So what can we do?


Well the way
Twitter works is: by using the # symbol, a word is defined and set apart as a topic that people can automatically link to.

All statements also have to be in a 140 character limit. So HERE are
100 statements prepared for you , hashtag included, about Darfur that are under 140 characters.

Today is the day you can try and make a difference with just a copy and paste by
tweeting as many of these messages as you can. Please repost them!

Space them out, come up with them on your own, tell your friends to... basically, make Darfur a topic. It's an easy way to make a change using the internet an bring attention to something that so desperately needs it.

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